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Allies Enemies and Mergers

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1 Allies Enemies and Mergers on Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:02 pm

Just had a quick question really. I am actively recruiting friends to play and join, and I have been moderately successful thus far with 4 people. But I had a question of diplomacy. How are we going about actually recruiting allies and accruing enemies. I read the post that Saveedra put up about allies being enemies and that spurned this question. Do we actually recruit allied alliances? And if we do, does ToTA have a policy about recruiting active players from those alliances, poaching, or merging theirs and ours. I do not believe that we need more players per se, just more active ones. We have almost 100 members, but only about 40-50 of us participate in any ava at all. Even constantly and consistently reincarnating, I have always contributed. Just curious as too the views from my fellow teammates.

Thanks for the voice,


P.S. I am still waiting to get recognized as a member lol.

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